Compound Info

Explorer 1 Explorer 2
#!p=CmpdByNameForm&u= compounds?uri=

Compound Pharmacology

Explorer 1 Explorer 2
#!p=PharmByCmpdNameForm&u= compounds/pharmacology?uri=

Compound Draw

URL pattern is compounds/draw?smiles= where the SMILES has been URL encoded.

Compound Structure Search

The start of the URL pattern in Explorer 1 is #!p=SimSearchForm&sm= and in Explorer 2 is compounds/structure?smiles=

The URL then includes parameters defining the type of structure search:

Explorer 1 Explorer 2
&st=exact &type=exact
&st=sub &type=substructure
&st=sim &type=similarity

There are also additional parameters for substructure and similarity search for threshold, match, records and thresholdtype. See the API docs for further details. Substructure only uses records and ignores the rest.

Target Info

Explorer 1 Explorer 2
#!p=TargetByNameForm&u= targets?uri=

Target Pharmacology

Explorer 1 Explorer 2
#!p=PharmByTargetNameForm&u= targets/pharmacology?uri=


Explorer 1 can only show the enzyme hierarchy.

Explorer 1 Explorer 2
#!p=PharmEnzymeForm&ec= trees/pharmacology?uri=

Explorer 2 can also show the other hierarchies available in API version 1.3+.