January 2017 

The Open PHACTS Explorer is currently not available.

February 2015

The newest version of the Explorer available at https://explorer2.openphacts.org/ contains the following new features:

  • Modern look and feel optimized for desktop and mobile devices.
  • Search using free text or SMILES for compounds and targets using the same search box:

The search result page in the list view shows all results for the given query. You can then restrict it to show only compounds or targets. Clicking on a compound or target name links directly to the information page, respectively. Where data is available, a direct link to the pharmacology and pathway pages is given. This helps to find available information much faster than with the previous Explorer. If PDB information is available for a protein then you can view it in 3D.

  • Browse by Ontology now includes three different target classification schemes (Enzyme, ChEMBL, and GO) and a compound classification (ChEBI). You can easily browse the hierarchy and then one click takes you to the pharmacology page.
  • You can now set your compounds or targets of interest as favourites by clicking the star next to the name. The favourite option is being checked on all browser combinations, please let us know if you have issues.

Work in progress:

  • On modern browsers (chrome, firefox, opera, IE10+) the TSV format reflects the information and columns available on the pharmacology pages. Safari users may find that the download loads in the same page as the Explorer. This is a known issue in Safari. On older browsers the TSV format is the same as in Explorer 1.
  • Filters on molecular properties on the structure search page work only if minimum and maximum values are provided.
  • The search box autocomplete may not reflect all the compounds and targets currently available. An improved autocompleter will be available soon.