… a compound URI (e.g. http://ops.rsc.org/OPS379634):


  • Compound Information /compound
  • Compound Information: Batch /compound/batch
  • Compound Classifications /compound/classifications
  • Classification of Targets for Compound /compound/classificationsForTargets
  • Compound Pharmacology: Count /compound/pharmacology/count
  • Compound Pharmacology: List /compound/pharmacology/pages
  • Pathways for Compound: Count /pathways/byCompound/count
  • Pathways for Compound: List /pathways/byCompound



… a compound classification URI (e.g. http://purl.obolibrary.org/obo/CHEBI_24431):


  • Compound Class Members: Count /compound/members/count
  • Compound Class Members: List /compound/members/pages
  • Compound Class Pharmacology: Count /compound/tree/pharmacology/count
  • Compound Class Pharmacology: List /compound/tree/pharmacology/pages
Comment: see also …any classification URI



… textual input (either free text or defined words):


  • Chemical Structure Conversion: Inchi to URL /structure
  • Chemical Structure Conversion: InchiKey to URL /structure
  • Chemical Structure Conversion: SMILES to URL /structure
  • Chemical Structure Search: Similarity /structure/similarity
  • Chemical Structure Search: Substructure /structure/substructure
  • Chemical Structure Search: Exact /structure/exact
  • Activity Units for Type /pharmacology/filters/units/{act_type}
  • Hierarchies: Root Nodes /tree
  • Free Text to Concept /search/freetext
  • Free Text to Concept for Semantic Tag /search/byTag
  • Concept Description /getConceptDescription



… a target URI (e.g. http://www.uniprot.org/uniprot/Q9Y5Y9):


  • Target Information /target
  • Target Information: Batch /target/batch
  • Classification of Compounds for Target /target/classificationsForCompounds
  • Target Pharmacology: Count /target/pharmacology/count
  • Target Pharmacology: List /target/pharmacology/pages
  • Pathways for Target: Count /pathways/byTarget/count
  • Pathways for Target: List /pathways/byTarget
  • Diseases for Target: Count /disease/byTarget/count
  • Diseases for Target: List /disease/byTarget
  • Associations for Target: Count /disease/assoc/byTarget/count
  • Associations for Target: List /disease/assoc/byTarget
  • [PREVIEW] Tissues for Protein: Count /tissue/byProtein/count
  • [PREVIEW] Tissues for Protein: List /tissue/byProtein



… a target class URI (e.g. http://purl.uniprot.org/enzyme/6.2.-.-):


  • Target Class Members: Count /target/members/count
  • Target Class Members: List /target/members/pages
  • Target Classifications /target/classifications
  • Target Class Pharmacology: Count /target/tree/pharmacology/count
  • Target Class Pharmacology: List /target/tree/pharmacology/pages
Comment: see also …any classification URI



… no query (but some of the calls take optional filters):


  • Target Types /target/types
  • Pathways: Count /pathways/count
  • Pathways: List /pathways
  • Pathway Organisms /pathways/organisms
  • Activity Types: Count /pharmacology/filters/activities/count
  • Activity Types: List /pharmacology/filters/activities
  • Activity Units: Count /pharmacology/filters/count_units
  • Activity Units: List /pharmacology/filters/units
  • Data Sources /sources



… a pathway URI (e.g. http://identifiers.org/wikipathways/WP1002):


  • Pathway Information /pathway
  • Pathway Information: Get Compounds /pathway/getCompounds
  • Pathway Information: Get Targets /pathway/getTargets
  • Pathway Information: Get Publications /pathway/getReferences



… a publication URI (e.g. http://identifiers.org/pubmed/9789062):


  • Pathways for Publication: Count /pathways/byReference/count
  • Pathways for Publication: List /pathways/byReference

comment: the Pathways for Publication call use publications which are cited in a pathway, NOT publications citing the pathway.



a disease URI (e.g. http://linkedlifedata.com/resource/umls/id/C0004238):


  • Targets for Disease: Count /disease/getTargets/count
  • Targets for Disease: List /disease/getTargets
  • Associations for Disease: Count /disease/assoc/byDisease/count
  • Associations for Disease: List /disease/assoc/byDisease
  • Disease Information /disease
  • Disease Information: Batch /disease/batch



… a tissue URI (e.g. ftp://ftp.nextprot.org/pub/current_release/controlled_vocabularies/caloha.obo#TS-0171):


  • [PREVIEW] Tissue Information /tissue
  • [PREVIEW] Tissue Information: Batch /tissue/batch
  • [PREVIEW] Proteins for Tissue: Count /tissue/getProteins/count
  • [PREVIEW] Proteins for Tissue: List /tissue/getProteins


… any classification URI (compound or target):


  • Hierarchies: Child Nodes /tree/children
  • Hierarchies: Parent Nodes /tree/parents


… any URI (except tissues):


  • Map URL /mapUri