Here are some tips which help you to efficiently find the URI of a concept you can use for the Open PHACTS API calls using our text search:

  • Restrict the branch: If you are searching for a molecule, try to restrict the branch parameter to 4 (ChemSpider). Targets (Proteins or Genes) are best found with 3 (SwissProt).
  • The preferred labels of targets usually contain the latin name of the organism in brackets. If you want to find results for one organism only, try to include it in your search e.g. Homo sapiens. This also helps if your initial query is shorter than the 3 letter minimum length.
  • You can use the 'Free Text to Concept for Semantic Tag' to search for concepts which have a specific label. For example, molecules are labeled with 07a84994-e464-4bbf-812a-a4b96fa3d197 (Chemical Viewed Structurally), proteins with eeaec894-d856-4106-9fa1-662b1dc6c6f1 (Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein). But be careful, if you search for a protein with a gene name, you might not retrieve a result here.
  • If you have an identifier available for your concept of interest, consider creating a URI with it directly, instead of searching for it. E.g.,, or are valid input URIs for compound based API calls.