We work actively with our user community and Foundation members to develop the next set of deliverables. Please make a suggestion on this forum. 

We plan to continually upgrade the Open PHACTS system to:

  • Keep existing data current
  • Load new datasets both as new data plus their related linksets
  • Further develop queries and functionality

PlannedFeatures for the 2.0 Release (Late Oct 2015)

●Chemistry Registry data refresh with ChEMBL 20 (OCRS)

●Improve Queries by IMS complete Linkset Reload

●New Ontology browse (BAO, Disease Ontology)

●VM Open PHACTS beta release

●Preparing for SureChEMBL in Autumn with Preview

●Pathways refreshed RDF

●Explore Updated to use API 2.0

Features for the 1.3 Release (2013)
Features for the 1.4 Release (2014)

Features for the 1.5 Release (May 2015)

General principles

At this time we cannot provide a future feature list as this will be decided by the members of the Open PHACTS Foundation. However, our primary aims are to:

  • Develop a robust infrastructure for data updates meaning users are always using "fresh" data
  • Increase the breadth of data in the system, covering more spaces in biomedicine
  • Develop interaction with other data services e.g. nanopublications and structured publisher content