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Release 2.2 Beta Release Info

This new release includes:

Data Sources updated in this release

  • ChEMBL 23
  • WikiPathways - May 2017
  • Uniprot & Enzyme - June 2017
  • Change of (NCATS or OPDDR) as a distinct dataset, which is now included in ChEMBL 23

Associated Linksets for these data sources have also been updated.

Chemistry data has not been updated yet so only contains ChEMBL 20 data

Other data sources remain as per release 2.1

More details to come

New text search replacing ConceptWiki. Welcome your comments on this new Text search using Elastic Search.

At the moment, Explorer is hosted here during this phase: 

We welcome your comments on this early beta release. Please use these support pages as normal for questions or comments.

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