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Semantic tag filtering

I've tried experimenting with the free text search by Semantic Tag UUID, and sometimes I get results and other times I get an error message: 

org.apache.http.HttpException: Expected HTTP 200, but got a 404: Not Found

For example, searching the Concept Wiki services using the test Web interface. If I use the /search/byTag link, enter my api_id and key, enter the query term: diabetes,

and a tag UUID of  b946958d-b46f-4de3-aa55-63684b301cf1 (for Disease or Syndrome) I get the 404 error (Page Not Found :: Puelia - Linked Data API).

If I search Concept Wiki services using the Chemical Viewed Structurally tag, it successfully runs the search.

Any suggestions?


Thanks for this question. We also have a support forum for these questions too that you are welcome to use, if you need to share specific questions.

Just to check your question and also to update you on the current status of Concept Wiki.

From a quick test in 2.1 it seems that UUID does not return the expected data, and we will need to look into this some more

Some more information on the UUIDs in Open PHACTS

If you want to open a support ticket for what your goal was with this query, we are happy to help you more

I had been using the UUIDs as described at the link you referenced.

On further exploration, I went to the Concept Wiki site directly and searched for the concepts to validate the UUID directly. I found that the corresponding UUIDs listed on your page were out of date. Anyone trying to use these will run into the same problem I did.


I wasn't aware that Concept Wiki would change the identifiers. Maybe we had an old list here. I've updated the UUIDs on the help page, they should now all correspond to actual Concept Wiki entries.


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