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How to report HTTP 500 connection errors

I'm (occasionally) getting HTTP 500 connection errors when connecting to an OpenPHACTS URL.  How do I report these?

Carlos S. Zamudio

(I see that there is not much activity on the support site for quite a while, perhaps there is another mechanism for getting replies).

Thanks for message, you are welcome to submit these 500 issues to

Some maybe due to timeouts on the Web interface for longer queries. Have you tried running the basic URL version The beta API has a much longer timeout as its the main API for system usage

Let us know how you get on



I am using  Is this what you suggest?  I have been developing using the REST interface, but as I was getting errors I tried using the Web User Interface (documentation page) to test searches, and the web interface is also returning the 500 internal server error code. The documentation suggests an return code of 504 when a timeout has occurred, and I am receiving the 500 internal server error message.

Thanks for update. 

You are correct that using the REST interface ( is the best way.

API version 2.1 is our latest API version

The web interface is for quick trial and error on queries.

You will get 504 errors on the Web interface through timeouts.

If you are getting 500 errors repeatedly for a specific query, then as mentioned before then please enter a support ticket

Any questions let us know

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