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Could datePublished be made available as a parameter for the patent-related API calls?

Would be possible to also have datePublished as a parameter when performing patent-related API calls?  For patents the publication date is a key ‘property’ and questions like “Give me the number of patents that have been published for compound/target/disease XYZ in the last 5 years” are very common. I know this would be purely for convenience since one could always pull back the list of all patents and then filter but still. Having said that, we experienced timeouts for a target with approx. 21k and would have to loop over the pages to get the list (which is fine) but if we could use datePublished as a parameter that might actually not be necessary.

What do others think?

We could use "publishedSince" (for example) if we wanted to specify the period from a specific day onwards. I think it would be great to also have "publishedBefore". Having both will give the user greater flexibility.


Good idea. What about a filter on patent authority? i.e. WO, US, EP.

We need to check how feasible that is, but generally, I think this is a good idea. So basically, you would want a filter parameter e.g. “publishedAfter”, which takes a date as input. Do you have a better suggestion for the name, if we actually want to include patents from the given date as well?

Also, do you think the opposite (publishedBefore) would be useful, or is this not necessary?


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