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Future community workshops

Earlier this year we held a really successful workflow tools community workshop in Amsterdam, where people came along to learn how Open PHACTS can be integrated into KNIME and Pipeline Pilot workflows. Many people have said they'd like to have more workshops like this in future, so let's talk about organising some!

Some comments from last workshop to consider:

  • It was good to have a mix of people attending: Scientists with research questions, Open PHACTS experts, and Pipeline Pilot/KNIME technical experts. The ratio of experts to attendees was about right, and the overall group size was good for discussion.
  • The introduction was well-balanced, and it was good that the flexible timing allowed for discussion. But there was a fair bit of variation in levels and types of expertise in the room, so we should make sure we allow time for everyone to get up to speed. In particular some people were unfamiliar with technical terms (RDF, ontology). 
  • Splitting into smaller groups for discussion about workflows worked really well, but it would have helped if each group had had a bigger screen to cluster around – or even separate rooms, if we can find a venue that can accommodate this!
  • The low barrier to attend (no registration cost) was great, but the workshop could have been publicised more. We should look into general data processing newletters or mailing lists where people might be interested.
If you have any other thoughts or suggestions, please post them below!
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