Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

What is Open PHACTS?

The Open PHACTS Discovery Platform is an open infrastructure containing vast amounts of integrated pharmacological data. These data are free to access, to help researchers in drug discovery to find and use the information they need.

How can I use Open PHACTS?

Our web portal for researchers has more information about ways to access and use the data integrated by Open PHACTS, including:

How do I use this site?

Our Support Portal consists of three sections:

  • For documentation about Open PHACTS, please see our Knowledge Base for release notes, frequently asked questions, and specific tips and tricks.
  • For discussion about Open PHACTS, you can use these forums to connect with other researchers and developers.
  • For specific issues using Open PHACTS, please open a support ticket to contact us directly.

Forum FAQ

Where can I post a discussion?

You can post discussions and comments in all forums except the Announcements forum, which is reserved for official announcements. Our forums are:

  • General Discussion for all general comments and questions, ideas for new features, related projects, etc.
  • Production API Discussion for all comments and questions about the current API, including data and functionality issues
  • Workflow Tools for discussion about integration of Open PHACTS with tools like KNIME, Pipeline Pilot, Taverna and more
  • Tips and Tricks for interesting ways to use the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform
  • Open PHACTS Explorer for discussion, feedback and issues with our browser-based Explorer

How can I tell when new posts have been made?

You can choose to “Follow” specific discussions or entire forums. You will then receive email updates of all new posts made in those discussions or forums.

Why is my post being moderated?

To prevent spam, all posts that include links to external websites are automatically marked for moderation before they appear on the forums. Your post will become visible as soon as a forum moderator has approved it.

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