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Knime Nodes what next


We are planning a Knime workshop in the next few months and would like to know what we should cover?

We have ongoing work on the Knime nodes and can present our current thinking there

Please let us know what you would like to see.


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Is the plan to focus on developing/improving the KNIME nodes? Or will we also be inviting people to learn about how to use Open PHACTS and KNIME, like the last workshop? (We got some useful feedback from that one which I can pass on if we're planning to do something similar!)

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I would like to attend a workshop again, just like the one in Amsterdam. Please also invite Pipeline Pilot. Accelrys has invested a great effort to provide easy and workable components to work with the Open PHACTS API.

Have just chatted to Bryn and it sounds like the next KNIME event we'd like to hold would be more of a development hackathon, as opposed to the introductory workshop we held in Amsterdam. 

But another joint workflow tools intro workshop could also be good to start planning, as a separate event. If we have the KNIME development event first then we can prepare new KNIME workflows to demonstrate, alongside the latest Pipeline Pilot components from Accelrys.

Thanks for great comments so far

We definitely want to have combined meetings on workflows and would like to hear from users to see what new workflows we might develop and the type of questions that come up.

Our initial thoughts on the Knime Hackathon were focussed on recent updates to Knime core tools that means we can do things in a slightly different way and use more of the Core Knime nodes.

If you went to the Amsterdam meeting, let us know what you would like to see next time?

If you have not been to one, what would make it valuable to you and colleagues?



Okay, how about we have a separate discussion for discussing combined workshop-type meetings, and keep this one for teh KNIME node development hackathon? I'll dig up the feedback from Amsterdam and start another thread.

Also, I noticed Daniela is speaking at this KNIME workshop in Cambridge soon - that would be a great time to tell people about the KNIME hackathon, if we can schedule a date and location before then!

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