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Direct integration of Excel and OpenPHACTS

The most recent version of Excel, Excel 2013 (as part of Office365), now provides some functions to directly integrate web services and to extract XML paths.

With this, also a direct integration of OpenPHACTS into Excel is possible and allows to query content of Excel cells against the OpenPHACTS API. The attached demo sheet demonstrates a simple use case example:

Demo of a direct integration of Excel 2013 and OpenPHACTS

The /compound part shows how to extract different data from the output of one API call. The /compound/classifications part is a first test how to extract multiple result records from one XPath node by applying Excel's array formulas.

  • Excel 2013
  • Valid AppID and AppKey for the OpenPHACTS API. Can be received after registration at The key pair used in the attached demo sheet was kindly provided by Daniela Digles from the Vienna University for this purpose but should be replaced by your own keys for transparent use of the API.
  • It may happen that the sheet does not "run" automatically when entering a new SMILES string. In such a case, try to send one conventional request to the API via the website which may help in these cases.
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