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Targets for disease in 1.4 API

What do the closeMatch and seeAlso blocks in the targets for disease response mean? They seem to have the same data for the api example. Or is that just a coincidence? I'm finding it a bit hard to work out what they are from the response template.

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Hi Ian,

I am afraid that i cannot explain what is the difference. These triples are not in the original DisGeNET RDF dataset as is. Maybe they are inferred but i don't understand why a disease has a seeAlso block to targets. In DisGeNET this kind of predicates were used to link entities of the same type, e.g. gene to gene, protein to protein, but no disease to protein (i attach the RDF schema of the RDF dataset currently loaded in OPS). That said, in the new version of DisGeNET RDF all the linkouts use the same predicate: skos:exactMatch.




Hi Ian,

I can't get the result from the api call because this message appears:

Authentication parameters missing

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