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Figuring out what hierarchy a URI belongs to

Let's say I have a URI which I know belongs to one of the target class hierarchies (enzyme, chebi, go etc) but I'm not sure which one. Is there an API call which can tell me this.

Example: The URI is and I want a call which tells me that it belongs to 'enzyme'.

I know that I could have some sort of regex on the URI but I want to avoid that because the URI pattern could change and there could be additional hierarchies in the future.

I want something like a treeNodeInfo call which will tell me what the hierarchy is and the prefLabel for this node etc. The childNode/parentNode calls don't quite work for me here.

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Hi Ian,

you can see which hierarchy a class belongs to and its prefered label with the tree/parents or the tree/children calls. But this only works if the class actually has any parents or children. So having a call like class information would be useful, I've created a ticket for it.

Best regards,


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